City Rooftop The battle takes place on the rooftop of a small building in Seoul, fighting to eliminate Dr. Lee Dae-Seok, and INCU, which is protecting him. They want to get their hands on the blueprints.
Cargo Ship The secret cargo ship that is carrying meteors in the Pacific Ocean was leaked and IECU is trying to stop the ship. While INCU protects the ship, IECU gets on board to fight them.
Assault Carrier IECU has been keeping their eye on an amphibious assault ship from INCU in the Pacific, but they can't make any moves since they lack the justification. Once the ship crosses national borders, a battle takes place on the ship between the two forces.
Desert Village A group of mercenaries are staying in a deserted village in the African Desert for their mission. When INCU and IECU find out that there is an important figure amongst the group, a battle breaks out in the village.
Base Camp IECU dispatched their agents to attack an important military base located in a U.S. desert. To protect the base, INCU send their agents which leads to a battle between the two forces.
Ghost Town A town abandoned by people after the war is now occupied by mercenaries and other armed forces. So much blood has already been shed, but there will be another battle today.
Factory Every night after the workers leave, mad scientist (M.S.) conducts secret biological experiments using meteors at a factory in the U.S. Both INCU and IECU dispatch their agents to stop the experiments and remove the meteors, but they encounter monsters created by the scientist.
Mansion This large mansion used to be the residence of a scientist who helped design the IESM. To get the blueprint materials kept in a safe, IECU agents enter the mansion. However, it is occupied by INCU agents who are there for the same reason, and a battle between them is inevitable.
Missing Control Located on remote, rough mountains, this is an INCU air force support base that is used for logistics, repair, and maintenance. Since it's situated in the mountains, only air force units can access the base, and INCU's air support defeats the IECU air forces in battle. While the IECU air units create a distraction, special agents manage to scale the cliffs and enter the base. Realizing that they've been infiltrated, INCU defends the base against the IECU agents.