An elite agent of the Ghost Special Force (GSF), an organization which officially doesn’t exist. With perfect aim, assassination, infiltration, and demolition, he completes every mission given to him and shows no mercy to any who are get in his way.


A professional assassin who believes that she is making the world a better place by getting rid of evil people. Because of this, she is known as "The Reaper of Death" among criminals.


An attractive female spy with exceptional combat skills. As a member of the Intelligence Support Group (ISG), she infiltrates companies to obtain confidential information. Since her parents were murdered by a criminal, she has a deep-seated hatred towards criminals.


A war mercenary who lives on the battlefield. He takes any job for money, and always puts himself in danger but manages to survive. It's why people call him "The Revenant" or "Mercenary of Money."


Her competitive spirit compels her do whatever it takes to win. Seeing her strong performance and commitment, ISG recruited her to be a part the team.


A freelance contract killer who takes any job as long as it pays. She has never missed her target. Behind her cold-blooded appearance, she seems to have suffered tragedy but her past is a mystery.


Born in poverty, Kelvin had to choose the mercenary life to survive. As he needs money for his retirement, he was approached to retrieve IESM data.


A vigilante working in a downtown area in the Eastern United States. He can not only hack computers to remove or alter data but also handle physical missions such as infiltration and assassinations.


A professional bodyguard who escorts and protects important clients. By taking care of terrorists and assassins in advance, he completes his escort missions. Thanks to his perfect record, he is recognized as the best and he's never short on clients.


A former GSF leader and captain. While investigating the mistakes that GSF made and covered up, he was betrayed and almost lost his life. Now, he is trying to get his revenge on them.


A man who was a part of the elite special forces unit SERT the team was disbanded. However, realizing that he missed the battlefield he continued on as a freelance mercenary. Harit was eventually contracted by the leader of the JFT-2 Special Forces in order to protect a certain doctor who was involved in the creation of IESM.


The Identical twins, Park Cheol Min and Park Cheol Bum think and act the same. Taking advantage of these qualities, they became elite mercenaries.


Freelance mercenary primarily contracted by the CIA. He has high skills in many area including infiltration, shooting and is especially excellent at gathering intelligence.


He lost his family to a terrorist attack when he was working as a police officer in China. Shortly after he became a member of Interpol to avenge his family’s deaths.


A soldier who belonged to the British Special Forces SAS. Since he was young, he had a strong sense of justice and decided to join SAS. William has saved a lot of people, both domestically and internationally, but he left SAS because he thought that IESM would lead to true peace.


A U.S. Special Forces soldier who has ties to Dong Jin Lee. After enlisting, he was deployed to Korea.


Losing friends and family to the hands of assassins, she plots her. She is reborn as a female warrior with Jaguar-like instincts and professional skills. Prepare to be hunted.


The code name, which refers to soldiers of the mysterious Ghost Special Forces. They Participate in the IESM design retrieve operation, but the internal division makes them choose between using IESM and destroying IESM.